The Duchess – Pet Chamber


The Duchess features a 28″ diameter and 60″ length. Roomy, with easy access, the Duchess comes with a removable kennel and sound suppression designed for animal comfort. The Duchess comes with our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Available at either 1.5 or 1.3 ATA pressurization capacity, The Duchess features a 28″ diameter and 60″ length. Roomy for a variety of animals with easy access. Special sound suppression designed for animal comfort.


  • Chamber with the unique circumferential zipper allows ease of access with large rings to support and shape the chamber
  • Observation window
  • Kennel measuring 30″ long x 19″ wide x 21″ high
  • Convex mattress
  • Two ultra quiet compressors for maximum noiseless air flow
  • Unique wedge type bolsters to steady and support the chamber
  • External control panel for ease of use and control
  • Carry Bag

A 28″ entry and observation window make for easy access and observation of the animal. The kennel is removable, should a technician need to be with the animal during treatment. The FDA approves this practice by ensuring the chamber is manufactured under the FDA manufacturing best practice guidance.

The observation window provides a clear view of the inside of the chamber to allow monitoring of the animal.

The control panel can be moved around the chamber to a convenient location. It controls the inflation and deflation, shows the pressure level inside the chamber and isolates the relief valve from the chamber,  further quieting the environment inside. Our patented cooler/silencer further isolates the chamber from noise and vibration and cools the air entering the chamber.

Standard with this great chamber is the patented passive cooler silencer. By attaching a mini hyperbaric chamber in line with the compressor, the chamber is isolated from all vibrations and noise. In addition, the device cools the air by decompressing the air going into the chamber. It is using basic physical properties of cooling by decompression. This patented cooler silencer adds to the comfort and control of the hyperbaric experience.

coolerPlease note, our chambers are designed to allow the use of an oxygen concentrator, which converts room air (21% oxygen) to approximately 90-95% oxygen. At your request, we are happy to assist you in purchasing this equipment.

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1.3 ATA, 1.5 ATA


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