The Duke – Pet Chamber


The Duke chamber offers large scale, easy access for your feline, canine or other animal friend. This chamber comes with our roll in stretcher and our standard 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Extended Warranties: Plus 1 year $500 – Plus 2 two years $1000 – Plus 3 years $1500


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Available at either 1.5 or 1.3 ATA pressurization capacity, The Duke offers large scale, easy access for felines, canines or other animals and a technician, if need be. Most any creature will fit in this versatile chamber – dogs, cats, monkeys, other zoo animals, snakes, bees, and many others. The Duke has a 46″ diameter and 72″ length, and includes a PVC frame and wooden platform.


  • Chamber with the unique circumferential zipper allows ease of access with large rings to support and shape the chamber
  • Observation window
  • Kennel measuring 42″ long x 28″ wide x 30″ high
  • Convex mattress
  • PVC frame and wooden platform
  • Two ultra quiet compressors for maximum noiseless air flow
  • Cooler/silencer to make the experience more comfortable and quiet, virtually eliminating motor noise
  • External control panel for ease of use and control
  • Carry bag
  • 2′ x 6′ Roll in Stretcher

This 100 lb bulldog is quite comfortable in the Duke and the observation window allows easy monitoring of the animal.

If your technician needs to be inside with the animal(s) you can move the kennel to the back of the chamber or remove the kennel.

The control panel can be moved around the chamber to a convenient location. It controls the inflation and deflation, shows the pressure level inside the chamber and isolates the relief valve from the chamber, further quieting the environment inside.

The FDA approves this practice by ensuring the chamber is manufactured under the FDA manufacturing best practice guidance.

Standard with this great chamber is the patented passive cooler silencer. Designed to minimize vibration and noise, the device provides additional cooling by decompressing the air going into the chamber. This patented cooler/silencer adds to the comfort and control of the hyperbaric experience.

Included with the Duke and the Duke Plus is an elevated platform with a sturdy frame attached.

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1.3 ATA, 1.5 ATA


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